learning málaga


Learning Málaga carries out translations, private tuition, after school support classes… everything related to master languages and the correct use of them.

Public examinations

We have several students preparing for public examinations. We help you with the different stages you will face in the exam.

Job interviews

Languages are one of the most important skills in any job interview. We have a great experience training companies which makes us aware of their needs. We are very successful preparing job interviews, we use real role play situation and give you the needed tools to make the most of yourself.

Spanish English Language exchange

We organise Spanish-English exchanges among our students. Totally free and in a tailored way according to your level and needs.

Tuition and after school classes

We support students solving their questions and giving them the resources and motivations that they need to carry on with their studies.


We translate websites, blogs and all kinds of articles from magazines.

Environmental training

In Learning Málaga we have a department dedicated to the environmental field. We have a wide offer of courses from recycling to mycology.

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